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We Hate People

It's not prejudiced, we hate you all.

People who hate People
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Anti-Peopleism is a community for those of us in this world who hate other people. We dislike people who are stupid and don't use their brains. Stories about stupid things that happen are just as likely to make us want to knock our heads into brick walls as they are to make us laugh, perhaps even more so.

We are a community of people who just don't like the rest of the world and who are not opposed to making friends or sharing laughs with people who feel the same. Here you will find rants and mock-posts.

However, this is not mock_the_stupid. However, I have little doubt that we will be doing quite a bit of that here. Just keep in mind this is not the place to post every stupid thing that you see in your day to day life. That is what your own journal is for. This is also not the fuckyoulist, a very lovely place where you can rant about everyone who fucks your life over.

Here we rant about/mock the insanity of people who are supposedly in the majority, though I have a sneaky suspicion that most people hate other people as much as I do.

This is a heavily moderated community. New membership is moderated and posts are moderated on new members. Members who have already proven themselves to be true antipeopleists and non-morons will no longer have their posts moderated.

Community Rules (Not Polite Suggestions)

We do not tolerate arguments here. Debate is all fine and dandy. I love debate, but keep it out of the name-calling zone or else I will be forced to ban everyone involved. If you disagree with something someone posts, don't stand back! Step up and say so, but say so in complete sentences and give reasons for what you believe.

We hate improper grammar and pathetic spelling. Livejournal has a spell-check function, please learn how to use it. Exceptions are made for those whose first language is not English; however, we wouldn't want to find reason to mock and hate you, now would we? (This is not a grammarwhore community, it is just something that we will not tolerate. Typos happen, but bad spelling or netspeech is not something we have to look at on our friends list!)

No pimping journals or communities! We don't want to know that you just started a Rainbow Brite fanclub community. You will be mocked if you post anything like this. However, if you have a community that is particularly amusing and you think we may like, please feel free to contact the moderator. (raeven@gmail.com)

We are not children here; I do not care if you use foul language. But excessive swearing to the point that the message of your post is lost will not be tolerated. If you have something to share that you would like to see cut on your friends list, cut it here. Some people read their friends list at work, please keep this in mind.

We don't tolerate racism or sexism here, in any form. We dislike people in general, not certain subgroups of people. I am not prejudiced; I hate all people equally! I am sure there is a community somewhere on LJ if you want to rant about that.

We are Antipeopleists

Yes, we are elitist. We are nice people, mean people, outspoken people, and shy people. But we all hate other people. We hate people who drive like they just turned 16 and people who have 6 children and complain about being broke. We just don't like you.

So if you still think this is the place for you, join!

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