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Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004, 06:54 pm
raevenwynter: Welcome to Antipeopleism!

Please, feel more than free to check out the rules on the information page! In fact, I'd suggest doing that before you post anything if you haven't already read them. (And if you haven't, I am mocking you...)

That being said, welcome to our community. I have a feeling this community will grow fairly quickly. Feel free to invite your friends to join if you think they will be the type of people we want here.

We need some more moderators sooner or later. If you are interested in the position and will be on Livejournal quite a bit in the furture, please e-mail me. (raeven@gmail.com)

We are also in need of a community icon. If anyone wants to contribute, it would be much appreciated. I might get around to making one this week if no one else does. I have an idea for a simple one that can be used for right now anyway.

Your not so friendly Mod,

Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004, 07:46 pm
nataschadragon: Well, someone has to start...

...and it might as well be me. *grins at Clue reference*

I am guilty of inspiring this and I gladly take the blame. I really don't like most people. I come by it honestly, I think, since my parents are much the same way. Do you suppose that it's genetic?

Even more than not liking people in general, I dislike stupid people. To steal the term coined by engineerinhell, I believe in anti-idiotarianism, too. Unfortunately I deal with institutional stupidity on a regular basis, since I'm in the Army. It is amazing how you can take relatively intelligent, common sensical people, put them in a group and watch sheer mass squeeze out any modicum of their redeeming features. If human beings are herd animals, then the fate of homo sapiens is doomed.

*pauses, rereads* Yep, I think I've been inflammatory enough for an opening post.

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