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Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004, 01:53 pm

i feel kinda good today, illness seems to be over, as does the period from hell. took a shower and used my new frufru soap, then blow dried my hair and put on make-up and the perfume and lotion that goes with the frufru soap. i don't know that i look all that great, but i know i look a lil more polished and presentable than usual, and i know that's got to be good. i hate knowing that it's only b/c of medications that i feel like this, but you know, i think in this age that almost everyone has to medicate in some form. i wish a lot of times that i didn't live in the age that i do, i know i'd loose all the conveniences of technology and such, but i'd loose a lot of the headaches that come with it. if i lived in a pre-telephone era my life would be almost drama free, b/c by the time someone got smoke signals or a telegram to me, said drama would be over with. and if no one had cars it'd take a hell of a lot more than wanting to know if so&so was at so&so's house to get my ass to hike 5 miles, or ride a horse 5 miles just to see. all our conveniences have made things easier, but i think that as a race we've had to create issues since we've eliminated the chance of many naturally occuring dramatics. i could be totally wrong, but i don't think i am. kinda like they said in the first matrix movie, in the first evolution of the program the world was perfect, but it didn't take, too much going well drives us insane, i know that any time things start to go 'too' well i wait for the bottom to fall out, even when medicated (and i'm on more narcotics legally now than i EVER took illegally) the human animal is a strange creature

Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004 02:39 pm (UTC)

Heh, I know how you feel. I'd rather be Amish....