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Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004, 12:23 am
gypsy_nightfire: I hate "grown ups."

Now, to make that juvenile sounding statement a little less juvenile, I'll elaborate and clarify.

I don't hate all grow ups, being of the 18 or up persuasion myself.

I hate the grown ups who hate the young people. Or worse, the grown ups who patronize the young people.

"You're young, therefore; you think you're immortal, and that you know all there is to know of the world."

I beg your pardon? I have a very real concept of my knowledge, and if I'm a little more reckless than you are, well, I'm not fifty and on three million meds to cure old age. I am aware that I am going to die at some point, and that my own stupidity may very well cause it. Are you? Thought so. Well, then, why is it that the elders think we're so bloody 'immortal?'

Don't hate me because I'm young, I'll give you plenty of other reasons, I promise.

I know, that with only eighteen years of life behind me, and most of them more sheltered than I care to admit (and less, but I care to admit that just as little) I do not know everything. I have not known, experienced, even watched or read, nearly enough to have as varied and wide a worldview as some have. How about you? Yet someone is wiser than me merely because she has more years than I? No. I don't think so. Even worse, that someone can now tell me who and what I am, and what I believe, and what I think, and what I know, merely by dint of being older? Ha.

Don't hate me because my experience is limited. There are better reasons, I assure you.

So here's a big 'Sod off' to those who "know" age equals knowledge and wisdom.


Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004 04:59 pm (UTC)

Hear, hear.

I probably have more practical experience than most people my age, but I do know that I don't know anything. (I'm almost 21.) That doesn't mean that I want to learn from someone who treats me like I'm an idiot.

This reminds me of Dad's Swiss Cheese Theory: Everyone is an idiot in some manner. The idiots you see are the ones with holes in different places than yours. The goal is to find people that you get along with that can help you fill in your holes, while you reciprocate.

Thus, the wise person always listens, even to those that appear to be idiots. This does not mean accepting what others say as gospel, but being open to the chance that one might be wrong.

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004 06:42 pm (UTC)

I've always thought wisdom was admitting that you might be the one that's wrong and the idiots might JUST be right. ^_^
(Much as THAT one hurts.)

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004 07:40 pm (UTC)

Yeah...I thought that's what I said....

I meant "one" in the third-person sense, not that one idiot might be wrong. Language is fuzzy.

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004 06:48 pm (UTC)

Hell, the older I get the more I realize I DON'T know. I felt that I knew more about the world at 16 than I do now at 25. About the only thing that has changed is that now people in high school seem younger than they used to and my parents don't seem quite as old.

The thing that bothers me instead is those people who think that their greater experience immediately negates anything I've learned or experienced. The 'you've been on the job 2 years (or so) which means you clearly can't know anything' syndrome while the fact that they've been doing it longer immediately means they're right and you're wrong. (Even when you ARE right and can PROVE it.)

I got myself thrown out of a chief warrant officer's office because of that one. ^_^

Sun, Oct. 3rd, 2004 07:19 pm (UTC)

*smiles at the memory of smoking the required 25 ft from a building entrance on base and telling a 1st sgt that he could kiss my ass when he told me i couldn't smoke on base, i was within MY rights and not breaking any rules, then he tried yelling, i laughed, asked him if i was wearing green, took another drag and sat down on the curb while he was informed that i was right*

Sun, Oct. 3rd, 2004 07:13 pm (UTC)

the age thing is a hard one, as your views on it change as constantly as your age does. i went out friday night and had 3 thoughts immediately upon entering:
1. who let in all these kids?
2. fuck, i'm getting old
3. man, i feel sorry for the generations younger than me

we live in a consumer driven world whose main diet is advertising... have you ever really stopped to pay attention to commercials and ad's these days? when i was a kid (i'm 29), child actors looked like kids, there were ad's on television and everywhere else that where specifically geared toward certain age groups but they all seem to morph into one now. perfect example, that 13 year old GIRL, Emma Watson... she's 13 and every time i see her she's made up as this voluptuous little thing. she's 13. when i was 13 (oh lord, i'm going to start saying things like 'i had to walk up hill both ways 10 miles bach and forth to school everyday' soon) no one my age would have even considered trying to look like that! anyway, back to my point, no matter how hard you might try to avoid it we're all sucked in to the advertising giant that this world has turned in to. advertisement tells "kids" that they aren't kids, merely shorter adults, and at the same time, it tells younger "adults" that they don't have to be 'all grown up'. it's not the fault of the younger generation that they're given a crash course in reality based on 30 second television snippets (and don't even try to tell me that ad's aren't sexual.. even the promo spots for 7th heaven feature hip hugger jeans, exposed belly buttons, and long hair blowing in that random breeze) any more than it's the fault of the older generation make these generalized statements about 'kids'. i say i feel sorry for younger people b/c if your thinking tells you that you're an 'adult' at 12, when did you get to be a kid? and a teenager? i wouldn't re-live my high school years for all the diamonds in africa, but it was all part of making me whe i am today, and while that might not be that great, it was important. 'kids' seem to not have these levels of growth anymore. it's almost seems as if they're born, they learn to walk and talk, and then within 5 years they've developed a caffeine addiction and weekend drug habit.

for the most part, the way we think is forged early, the older generation fully believed in the 'wisdom with age' theory because at that time, it WAS true. these now 50something people were the same ones that burned their bras and draft cards 30-40 years ago, they were the revolutionary group then, and the 50something people then said the same about them as they say about the younger ones now. it's a never ending circle, if i make it to 50 i'm sure i'll have a similar gripe. when they were 18-25 they didn't have access to the limitless information we do now, so i think it's harder for them to imagine that it's even possible for someone who hasn't lived through things to have any concept of them, AND there are some things that you only learn by living, no way around it. also, keep in mind that when people make broad generalizations that they use the WORST possible representative of a group to base that generalization on (anytime mother nature bitchslaps some part of the world, who gets interviewed? the person thad emergency candles and a cellar to ride out the storm or the toothless bubba that got struck by lightening b/c he thought he could get a better view by watching from on top of his tin roofed house?)
no matter what generation in, you're always going to be a 'kid' to someone. i know that high school aged people look at me like an 'adult' (they call me ma'am at the grocery store, makes chills go down my spine) but i don't feel like one of the 'grown-ups'... even with a marriage (and basically a divorce) and a 4yr old child i don't feel like the adult. what the means to me is that, like most things, you don't even realize it's happening until you're in the middle of it, or more likely till it's over

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