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Mon, Sep. 27th, 2004, 11:20 pm

i think i like the way this person thinks

Why I Hate Stupid People

As much as I hate stupid people, I've come to a realization. I don't actually care if people are stupid, ignorant, narrow minded, etc. No, I really don't, with two exceptions.

I care if a child is being hurt by parental or other adults' ignorance and stupidity, because that's a very, very personal issue for me. And I care when someone's ignorance or stupidity affects me, directly or indirectly.

Blow yourself and your car up looking in the gas tank with a match if you want, and I don't really care. Blow yourself and your car up along with, say, MY car, and then I care. Believe the world is flat and start a society to agree with you, hey, I couldn't care less. Teach this erroneous crap to your children and punish them if they say they don't believe it, I care. Act like the sterotypical ignorant American who thinks no one in the world has it as good as those living in the U. S. of A., and I don't give a damn. Do it in an international forum or another country and give ME a bad name merely for the fact that I'm American, too, well, then I've got an issue with you.

I could go on all day. I feel this way about religion, politics, pretty much everything. Be as stupid, as illogical, as culturally ignorant, as misinformed, as arrogant, as obnoxious as you like. It's no skin off my nose.

Yes. It's a terribly cynical position to take. I am a cynic, through and through. No matter how upbeat or happy I might be at times, I basically just want to be left alone and I'm willing to leave others alone, mostly because I don't LIKE people very much (as I always say, I like individual persons, but I do NOT like people). But pretty much, I'm happy to leave you to wallow in your ignorance or bigotry or whatever.

Well... unless you make me have to basically apologize for being American (like I had a choice in the matter!) or assure people that although I'm Christian I really won't preach at them, make harsh judgements about them, burn them at the stake, or throw Bibles in their face, or make me justify my unintentional association with you or fix your mistakes or clean up your mess. THAT pisses me off.

Realizing this is actually quite liberating. I've said many times that I hate stupid people (note: I'm not taking potshots at the mentally challenged, but rather making a comment on those who don't use the intelligence they do have and who don't bother to find out anything other than what they know and yet base everything in the world on their narrow and limited life experience and knowledge). It's almost pathological, actually, my intense dislike of the morons of the world who just do their stupid utmost to make my life and a lot of other people's lives more difficult.

It's good to understand, though, that it's NOT the stupid people I hate. I actually don't care at all if people are stupid. I'm not on this earth to educate the world, for heaven's sake (although I do provide lots of free information on all kinds of topics because I like to share with people who do want to learn stuff). No. The liberating thing here is the understanding that I only really hate the effect other people's stupidity has on me and others.

Maybe I'm not quite as evil as some stupid people have said I am...

Tue, Sep. 28th, 2004 11:51 am (UTC)

The liberating thing here is the understanding that I only really hate the effect other people's stupidity has on me and others.

That's certainly true, but I can still happily despise the person who generated the original stupidity. Besides, hating the stupidity ends up taking soooo much more energy than hating those causing it.

*is VERY tired with institutional and terminal stupidity today*