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Tue, Aug. 9th, 2005, 01:32 pm
engineerinhell: Quote of the day

How can we prevent the virulent spread of idiotarianism if idiots control the media, the myths and the message -- not to mention the alliteration?

Go read Bill Whittle. This post is here.

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Sun, Jun. 12th, 2005, 11:04 am
additup: even imagined power corrupts i suppose

this has to be the stupidest thing i've ever had the misfortune of being part of. while reading thru some of my of fave sev/harry stories on some archive site i came across one that i KNEW i'd read before, but one of the main characters had been changed, i left this in the comment section:

you know, i've read this story before, but instead of an invented
Parkinson it was Draco Malfoy, down to the smallest detail it was the
i really hope you're the original author and just decided to add a
little more to it, stealing someone else's story would definitely be about
the most pathetic thing i've ever seen in fanfic world.

a day or so later i get this email:


We saw this comment you posted to Isidore's story "Longer". If you
suspect that a story on our archive was plagiarized - please contact us
by email or via our contact form (at
http://snarry.individum.com/submit.php?submit8) and refrain from posting
such comments to the public archive. In this instance, Isidore *is* the
original author of the fic you mentioned, and she submitted an edited
version to our archive. You surely understand how improper it is, not to
mention offensive, to see such a comment in this case.

We do have a very strict policy against plagiarism, but we prefer to
deal with it in the proper way. Again, if you encounter a fic/art that
might be stolen, please contact us and we'll clarify the situation and
act accordingly.

Thank you,

Detention admin

i replied with this"

that would be why i said i hope that she IS the author and such, i was
quite careful with my wording to make sure that i didn't accuse, but

it was obviously the same story, to me, and i left my opinion in the
comments, just as i would with any comment... comments are supposed to
be about the opinion that the reader has about the piece, aren't they?
last time i checked not all of those were positive either. as it
*is* her story she/he should be glad that someone pays enough
attention to their work to notice something like that and with a 2
second reply clear up confusion. it was neither improper nor
offensive, it was a question and an opinion both of which are left
in comments all the time.

wonder girl just had to have the last word tho...

I'm sorry you feel the need to pursue this issue.

You did not comment on the story, you commented on the author's
integrity, which is something we don't allow here at Detention. I'm sure
you'd have appreciated it if you were archived with us. There's a big
difference between criticizing a story and questioning the author's
ethics, and I hope you can understand that.

Saying "I hope you're not a thief, but if you are then you're pathetic"
is not a "careful" wording. No matter how you dress it, it isn't
flattering - it's insulting. And it certainly isn't constructive. Not
all authors read their comments, and if a plagiarist did read it, I
doubt a comment like that would be helpful.

Like I said, we have a very strict policy against plagiarism, so the
constructive thing to do here would be to notify *us* so we could take
the necessary actions.


and my cooment was removed. now, i'm not a writer myself, but if something that i'd written was memorable enough to be noticed by someone i'd be appreciatave that someone cared enough to ask, not have my moron mod friend try and start something over a COMMENT on a FANFIC site, one the also archived some of moira's work without her permission. i guess it's just proof that people are getting stupider, without even trying

Sun, May. 15th, 2005, 07:26 pm
nataschadragon: The Internet is filled with children who can't spell.

So, I finally found some time and motivation to sort through some of my unread email. I'm a member of multiple mailing lists/groups so, on average, I usually have several hundred unread emails waiting for me to get to them. And after sorting through about 50 or so, just from one group, I have been forcibly reminded that the internet is filled with children.  Therefore, I have several suggestions to make to them:
  1. Proper spelling and grammar aren't just used by adults.  They are useful tools that help you communicate clearly.  Not to mention, that mastering those tools now sets you up for success later in life.
  2. Email is not the same as chatting in AIM or MSN Messenger.  An IM is just that, an instant message.  In an IM, it's perfectly acceptable to use shortcuts, such as net speak and sentence fragments.  Email, on the other hand, is the 21st century's equivalent of a letter.  Complete sentences are appreciated, as is proper capitalization, spelling out complete words, avoiding net speak whenever possible, and using punctuation where necessary.  It takes no longer to type out 'the' than 'teh'.  It's only one extra keystroke to capitalize 'I'.  Commas and periods are your friends.  Don't try and get around capitalization by using caps lock.  All caps on the net means shouting.  Use it sparingly, for emphasis. 
  3. Mailing lists and groups are focused on topics.  Therefore, if you send a message to the group about anything that is NOT that topic, then it is, by definition, OFF topic.  (Some of you might have seen OT in subject lines.  That shows others that the post is off topic without having to read it.)  Simple concept, right?  Forwards, chain letters, even that little email with the dogs and cats that you thought was cute do NOT belong on a mailing list or group.  If in doubt, don't send it.
  4. The internet is a VERY poor place to do schoolwork.  While anything 'published' is only as accurate as the person who wrote it, the internet is generally far less accurate than hard copy sources.  Now, by all means, ask a group for advice about paper topics or how you should do a presentation, if the general topic relates to the group.    Do NOT ask for help if it's not even remotely related to the group's topic.  You can ask an anime group about something relating to Japan or Japanese culture, as they are related.   Asking your anime group for help with the paper you have to write about Shakespeare is NOT related.  Do NOT ask members of the group to do your research for you or help you write your paper.
  5. Keep your signatures short.  This means all of the bits and pieces you add to the end of every email.  In general, your list doesn't care if your initials spell out something cute or find that quoted poetry moving.  If you have more than one alias/nickname/pen-name that your group might know you by, then by all means, use it.  A few small quotations are fine, especially if they relate to the group.  Links to your webpage are also fine.  A 5 stanza poem or an image that more than doubles the size of your email are definitely over the top.  As a rule, less is more.
  6. Final words of wisdom.  Pull out your common sense, dust it off, and put it to use.  Odds are, if you're 13 pretending to be 30, members of your group will see through it.  (Since some of them likely ARE 30.)  Just because you think something is cute doesn't mean others will find it cute.  Excessive use of ANYTHING gets very old, very fast.  My advice, apply this old adage to your time on the net: It's better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it. 

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2005, 10:45 am
nataschadragon: For the 'Professionals' who won't listen

Here's a quick message to the professional 'specialists' that I (and a lot of other people, I'm sure) have to work with.

Your piece of the pie isn't the only one we have to worry about.

While it warms my heart that you are such a subject matter expert that you can worry about details and dedicating your entire support to one aspect of projects, the rest of us have to juggle a wider range of requirements. While you focus on that one project, I have to two or three other major ones going on at the exact same time. Therefore, you cannot expect me to devote all of my time and attention (and the time and attention of the people who work for and with me) to your project. It would help if you would listen when we explain to you what else is going on. It would help if you explain EXACTLY what you need, so that we can plan ahead. (And if you're primarily a planner by job description, then you should DEFINITELY understand. Let those of us who execute figure out HOW to make your plan work. Don't shut us down when we make suggestions that will make it easier to do and save time and resources.) No, you can't have us at your beck and call for three weeks, but we'll be more than happy to help you out if you'll just tell us the exact nature of your requirements and let us work with you. People react better to working WITH instead of FOR.

My tips:

- Explain the situation and ASK for support. Don't TELL us we're going to execute as planned no matter the situation.

- Accept that just because there are other people in your field in your work environment, it doesn't mean they work for you. It doesn't even mean that they even work with you.

- LISTEN when people try to get more details so that they can figure out how to help you. Don't assume they're just trying to say no without getting more details.

Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004, 01:53 pm
additup: (no subject)

i feel kinda good today, illness seems to be over, as does the period from hell. took a shower and used my new frufru soap, then blow dried my hair and put on make-up and the perfume and lotion that goes with the frufru soap. i don't know that i look all that great, but i know i look a lil more polished and presentable than usual, and i know that's got to be good. i hate knowing that it's only b/c of medications that i feel like this, but you know, i think in this age that almost everyone has to medicate in some form. i wish a lot of times that i didn't live in the age that i do, i know i'd loose all the conveniences of technology and such, but i'd loose a lot of the headaches that come with it. if i lived in a pre-telephone era my life would be almost drama free, b/c by the time someone got smoke signals or a telegram to me, said drama would be over with. and if no one had cars it'd take a hell of a lot more than wanting to know if so&so was at so&so's house to get my ass to hike 5 miles, or ride a horse 5 miles just to see. all our conveniences have made things easier, but i think that as a race we've had to create issues since we've eliminated the chance of many naturally occuring dramatics. i could be totally wrong, but i don't think i am. kinda like they said in the first matrix movie, in the first evolution of the program the world was perfect, but it didn't take, too much going well drives us insane, i know that any time things start to go 'too' well i wait for the bottom to fall out, even when medicated (and i'm on more narcotics legally now than i EVER took illegally) the human animal is a strange creature

Sun, Dec. 12th, 2004, 11:11 am
hangingarden: (no subject)

My one day out in thist stupid world...went like this last night.

I decided to go though because I enjoy riding in the car. So we went down this road and this stupid fuck with her four stupid children tried cutting us off on the road. And so she practically hit us with her stupid green little car and I was like "mom hit her...just hit her!" (we have this huge SUV and so...it would've crushed her) and so my mom was like "omigod...omigod...what the---" and the woman had the nerve to open her window and go "omifuckinggod, MOOOVE!" and i was like "WHAT?!" and so my mom let her go and then all her kids turned around and stared at us. and then the woman stared at me through the rearview mirror and was like "YOU STUPID...blahblahblah" and i rolled my eyes and flipped her the bird. what a fucking moron! If you don't know how to drive correctly...then don't drive! And the woman was such an example to her children who were all about 7-12 year olds. ...bah.

Sat, Nov. 27th, 2004, 01:34 am
additup: (no subject)

originally this post was going to be titled 'could this day suck anymore?' but i decided that sending out a blanket invitation made about as much as sense as the last 5 relationships i've been in

to put it bluntly, i'm tired of getting fucked (not that way, hell, i'd like some of that) but it seems like that's all i ever get. and you know, i hate to sound whiny or selfish but jeez, i can only take so much before my nasty side comes out, and she came out with both barrels today. i'm tired of being used by people that call themselves "friends", i'm tired of being preached to about my past recreations by "friends" who stayed up all night thursday night recreating, and i'm really fucking tired of being treated like i can't do things with anyone just because i'm the only person with a child out of the people i choose to be around that has custody of their child and is the only person to take care of said child. you know what, i don't give a fuck if i sound whiny and pissed because i am pissed, and hurt. it hurts that i get judged by people that consider themselves better than me when i've done nothing, yeah, i've shot tons of coke into my veins, and if i want to do it again, i will. don't get all high and mighty about how you're not doing drugs right now b/c you're wanting to have another baby when you stay up all night smoking crack (yes kids, coke and baking soda on foil that you inhale the fumes of is CRACK) when you don't even have custody of the child you already have, and don't get pissed at me when i give and give and give to help you survive and then bitch at me, or rather have your man of the minute try to get into it b/c you know that you're so in the wrong that you can't even defend your actions in any way shape or form after i've given more than you have to support you. don't ignore my calls when i try to contact you to work things out amicably, don't talk about me, don't comment about me, don't even fucking think about me if you don't have the balls to say something of interest and intellect about whatever situation applies to you and i to my face. i haven't mentioned names here b/c the ones i'm talking about know exactly who they are, and most of my friends know who i'm talking about so i'm sure it'll get spread about fast, but i don't like to be accused of starting drama, god for-fucking-bid everyone act like ADULTS, which we're supposed to be

i had less fucking bullshit in my life in high school, and only one of you knew me then and can attest to the fact that my high school experience would put ANY soap opera to shame, then it would have, now 5-someish secret gay lovers where ones is publicly straight but pissed at the girl for not liking him when he was getting his from the other guy must be common place

that sentence made about as much sense as my life, but i know one of you got it

i am now going for a smoke, i think i'll see if i can actually see the shit as it hits the fan this time


i'm going to get drunk
fuck everyone

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004, 12:23 am
gypsy_nightfire: I hate "grown ups."

Now, to make that juvenile sounding statement a little less juvenile, I'll elaborate and clarify.

I don't hate all grow ups, being of the 18 or up persuasion myself.

I hate the grown ups who hate the young people. Or worse, the grown ups who patronize the young people.

"You're young, therefore; you think you're immortal, and that you know all there is to know of the world."

I beg your pardon? I have a very real concept of my knowledge, and if I'm a little more reckless than you are, well, I'm not fifty and on three million meds to cure old age. I am aware that I am going to die at some point, and that my own stupidity may very well cause it. Are you? Thought so. Well, then, why is it that the elders think we're so bloody 'immortal?'

Don't hate me because I'm young, I'll give you plenty of other reasons, I promise.

I know, that with only eighteen years of life behind me, and most of them more sheltered than I care to admit (and less, but I care to admit that just as little) I do not know everything. I have not known, experienced, even watched or read, nearly enough to have as varied and wide a worldview as some have. How about you? Yet someone is wiser than me merely because she has more years than I? No. I don't think so. Even worse, that someone can now tell me who and what I am, and what I believe, and what I think, and what I know, merely by dint of being older? Ha.

Don't hate me because my experience is limited. There are better reasons, I assure you.

So here's a big 'Sod off' to those who "know" age equals knowledge and wisdom.


Mon, Sep. 27th, 2004, 11:20 pm
additup: (no subject)

i think i like the way this person thinks

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Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004, 08:40 pm
nataschadragon: (no subject)

It's amazing what you find when you do a quick search online. This guy, at least a first glance, hates people. Probably a LOT more than I do.

And this girl takes the cake on ranting. *beams* I like her style, though I wish her spelling was a little better.

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